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1 Critical applications

Those applications must run always

1.1 plugin

1.2 javaws

2 New Test Failures

These tests were working in past, but due to update in applet/jnlp, are no longer working.

3 IcedTea-Web plugin test sites: - Complains of invalid security parameters (known intermittent) (tests multiple certs) (all should work) (most simple of ^) (fully signed, works with Run In Sandbox) - signed, specifies sandbox permissions in manifest - signed, specifies sandbox permissions in manifest

4 IcedTea-Web webstart (javaws) test applications

Note: A lot of these are not Free Software. - (automated) - (not working, one needs paid account) - (sometimes do not start, always starts with -Xtrustall, automated) - (automatised, with -Xnofork, otherwise do not close correctly) - (automated) - (trial, can't be automated) - (requesting all permissions, but is not signed. Although - partially starts and so automated with -Xnofork) - (automatised, with -Xnofork, note - after cliking have outputs) - (automated - warning - now requires -allowredirect) - (automated) - (automated with -Xnofork)
- jgraph have funny issue, if user-agent.toLowerCase().startsWith("java") then 403 else 301/200 - use with -Dhttp.agent=blah as java argument (with -J for javaws) (broken) (does not work until JavaFX EULA is accepted, see PR740 (32-bit only)

5 Retired Moved to javascript in early 2013 - removed by upstream (may be delivering malicious content) - otherwise ok since 1.5 - no longer works (no applets on page) - no longer works (unknown host) - 404 no longer uses java (switched to flash) - 404 - no longer works (site is up but all applets give internal server error) - partially signed (signed JAR(s), external main-class) - 404 - (automated) (404) - (automated) (404)

6 IcedTea-Web live-connect testsuite

There are manual tests for js<->applet api:

To manually launch the tests run make stamps/plugin-tests.stamp and then launch plugin/tests/LiveConnect/index.html and follow instructions.

Those tests are now automatized - as part of reproducers testsuite

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