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Current IcedTea policy is to maintain one release per series at any one time, via release branches and appropriate minor releases, with a short transition period of one security release. Thus, release n is classed as unsupported after the first security release following the release of n + 1. Minor releases consist only of bug fixes and security fixes. They do not contain changes to the build system.

Releases are made by the designated maintainer following the release process. Maintainers are assigned on a meritocratic basis; the role is generally given to anyone who is prepared to do such an unrewarding job. The current maintainers are:

Project Maintainer
IcedTea Andrew John Hughes
IcedTea-Web Deepak Bhole
VisualVM Harness (none)

The currently supported releases are:

Release OpenJDK Relationship Default HotSpot Alternate HotSpot Expires With
IcedTea6 1.13.3 (hg) OpenJDK6 b31 + patches hs23.25-b01 + ARM32 port N/A IcedTea6 1.14.0
IcedTea 2.4.7 (hg) OpenJDK7 u55b14 & IcedTea patches hs24.51-b03 + ARM32 port hs25.0-b69 (AArch64 build) IcedTea 2.5.0

The number of patches applied has dramatically decreased in the 2.x series and we hope to see more of the lingering patches go upstream. The remaining ones are changes to allow the use of system libraries and to support esoteric architectures.

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