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The BrandWeg project is a fusion point for two Free Software projects: GNU Classpath and OpenJDK. It mirrors the existing IcedTea project in providing a hybrid of the two. However, whereas IcedTea approaches this from the perspective of building and patching OpenJDK, we instead take GNU Classpath as the baseline and bring in elements of the OpenJDK to fill the remaining holes.

This project is still very experimental, and is being conducted outside the repositories of either GNU Classpath or OpenJDK to retain the stability of these code bases and also avoid any unnecessary legal issues at this point. The BrandWeg project does not host source code from either project. It consists simply of build scripts and patches which allow a hybrid of the two to be built.

1 Build Instructions

There are currently two ways of building BrandWeg. The recommended way is to have an existing Classpath build and use the class files from that as a basis for creating a BrandWeg installation. In this case, --with-classpath-jar is used to specify the location of the existing jar file (usually called or libgcj.jar in the case of gcj). This is achieved as follows:

hg clone
cd brandweg
./configure --with-classpath-jar=<location of classpath>
make install

Alternatively, it can download both Classpath and OpenJDK, and patch up the Classpath build live with OpenJDK sources. This version calls Classpath's configure and so any normal Classpath configure switches can be passed through to it.

2 TODO list

Suggested items from OpenJDK to be included in BrandWeg:

  • JAXWS (the web services stack)
  • java.util.Scanner
  • native ZIP support
  • HTML support
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