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1 Obtaining IcedTea from Mercurial

If you plan to work on IcedTea, the first thing to do is obtain a copy of the latest source tree via Mercurial.

Most development work takes place on the 'HEAD' or 'trunk' branch of IcedTea, and there is one for each major version of IcedTea:

A local checkout may be obtained by executing:

$ hg clone <url>

where <url> is the url of the appropriate tree above.

When a release is made, we branch off a new Mercurial tree, which is then used to perform macro releases with security updates and bug fixes. Commits to these trees require the approval of another developer, in accordance with the commit policy. These trees are useful for testing out a new release before it occurs. The current release branches are listed here. Tags on these trees correspond to each release e.g. the tag 'icedtea6-1.10.4' is present on the 1.10.x branch to represent the 1.10.4 release.

2 Building a Mercurial Checkout

With a Mercurial checkout, you must first generate the autotools machinery, which requires that you have autoconf and automake installed.

$ ./

You then can proceed as if with a tarball release.

$ ./configure
$ make
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