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The IcedTea-Sound project provides additional javax.sound plugins for any JDK.

1 Getting IcedTea-Sound

The recommended way to obtain IcedTea-Sound is to download the latest release] tarball.

wget -v

If you wish to submit a patch, you should grab the latest development sources instead.

hg clone

2 Building IcedTea-Sound

Building requires a full JDK to be installed, along with PulseAudio (including development packages).

$ indicates that a command should be executed as a normal user, # indicates that commands that should be executed as root:

$ ./ # skip this if you are using a release tarball
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

This will install IcedTea-Sound into /usr/local/. You can use the --with-jdk-home argument to configure to specify the JDK that IcedTea-Sound should use to build. IcedTea-Sound is tested with IcedTea JDKs only.

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