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1 Release Testing Guide

Prior to a release, Icedtea-Web needs to be thoroughly tested. This guide serves as a checklist of things to test.

1.1 JDKs

Icedtea-Web should work on JDK 6, 7 and 8. This includes compiling on source version X and running on version Y (e.g. compiled on JDK 7, running on JDK 6 or JDK 8)

To test this, it is advisable to run reproducer tests and unit tests, and perform manual testing on the variations below:

Compile JDK 6 Run JDK 6
Compile JDK 7 Run JDK 7
Compile JDK 7 Run JDK 8
Compile JDK 8 Run JDK 7
Compile JDK 8 Run JDK 8

1.2 Running tests

Run unit tests after building with:

 $ make run-netx-unit tests

Run reproducer tests after building with:

 $ make run-netx-dist-tests

Note that the two make rules above perform BOTH compilation and running of the tests. Therefore in order to run a variation such as Compile on 7, Run on 8, one should:

1. run the make rule
2. Ctrl-C when compilation is completed (this is done when you can see tests starting to run and ending with pass failure) or wait until completion
3. remove stamp if necessary (stamp will appear if you waited for completion)
4. switch Java version
6. re-run the make rule

1.3 Manual tests

Manual testing should be done by running the applets listed here:
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