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This is a list of IcedTea patches, with various attributes.

  • Name: The name of the patch
  • Purpose: What the patch is for.
  • Author: The original author of the patch. For patches imported from OpenJDK 7, use "JDK7".
  • Push?: If a decision has been made whether this patch should be pushed upstream, enter "yes" or "no". All such decisions must be discussed.
  • Keep?: If a decision has been made to keep this patch in IcedTea, enter "yes".
  • SCA: Enter "OK" here if you are certain that all authors of this patch have an SCA on file.
  • Assignee: The ID of the person working on this patch. This should be the person submitting it upstream.
  • Discussion: A hyperlink to the discussion about this patch. It may point to a Bugzilla record or a mailing list discussion.
  • Status: The current status of this patch as regards upstreaming.


Name Purpose Authors Push? Keep? SCA? AssigneeDiscussionStatus
6703377-freetypescaler Additional fixes for 6703377. ptisnovs     OK (RH)   Original discussion, Upstream's fix for bug,Upstreams' fix is not sufficient. Still trying to convince upstream  
alpha-fixes Fix build issues on alpha-linux. doko     OK      
alt-jar Add support for using an alternate jar tool in JDK building. jsumali No   OK (RH)      
applet_hole Allow others to override applet methods (previous names include patches/icedtea-webservices.patch, patches/icedtea-webstart.patch, patches/extensions/netx.patch) ahughes, dbhole, fitzsim, jsumali     OK (RH)   Parts already in OpenJDK7
arch Add support for additional architectures. twisti, doko, xerxes Yes   twist, doko, xerxes: OK    
arm adds support for thumb2 jit. Also some un-upstreamed zero/shark changes (the changes are to zero/shark files, but they look like arm interpreter/jit changes) gbenson, ed No          
clean-crypto Make sure all crypto algorithms are always available and clean up non-functioning "disablement". mjw Yes   OK (RH) mjw crypto-dev1,crypto-dev2,crypto-dev3, #100062 Discussed and pushed to bugzilla
debug-dir Place {fast,}debug builds in custom locations JDK7 No   OK Discussion Already upstreamed (and then reverted)
disable-cc-incompatible-sanity-checks disable build checks that dont make sense while cross compiling. PR 310 Robert Schuster     No      
dnd-filelists Fix drag and drop behaviour when dragging a file list between JVMs (S5079469). JDK7 No   OK omajid Backported from OpenJDK.  
explicit-target-arch Cross compiling: use arch of target host Robert Schuster, xerxes     Robert Schuster: No? xerxes: OK   Debian-specific bits are probably not acceptable upstream Parts in OpenJDK7
f14-fonts Fix font paths for various fedora releases jvanek     OK (RH)   Original discussion  
fonts-gentoo Fix font names/paths for gentoo ahughes ? Yes OK (RH)      
fonts-rhel Update font names/paths for RHEL6 jvanek     OK (RH)      
freetypeversion freetype backend only requires 2.2.1. Needed to build on older platforms. mjw YES   OK (RH) mjw 2d-dev, #100061 Discussed and pushed to bugzilla.
g344659-sparc_fix Fixes a build failure on sparc ahughes, Alex Buell     ahughes: OK, Alex Buell: ?   G344659  
g356743-libpng-1.5 Allow building against libpng 1.5 Alexis Ballier   Yes No   G356743  
gcc-suffix Append $(GCC_SUFFIX) to end of 'gcc' binary name. doko No   OK      
headers Uses system freetype headers to build langel No Yes OK (RH)      
ipv4-mapped-ipv6-addresses Allow networking code to operate when net.ipv6.bindv6only (sysctl) is set to 1 ahughes, Torsten Werner     ahughes: OK (RH), Torsten Werner: ?   D560056  
jaxp-serial-version-uid Fix for JAXP's breaking of serialVersionUID (which broke compatibility with previous releases) ptisnovs   Yes? OK (RH)   Discussion. Fixed upstream In OpenJDK
jdk-use-ssize_t Unknown. Affeccts hpi doko ?   OK   HPI was dropped in OpenJDK7  
jpegclasses Add com.sun.image.codec.jpeg support. langel No Yes OK (RH)      
jvmtiEnv Unknown (hardens code; no reproducer though) aph ?   OK (RH) aph    
lc_ctype Stack corruption. The version in IcedTea{6,7} is incomplete. See the discussion doko Yes   OK aph OpenJDK bug 100057, Discussed, but not committed Submitted for approval
lcms Applies security patch. aph No Yes OK (RH) aph    
libraries Use system JPEG and zlib libraries. langel No Yes OK (RH)      
linker-libs-order When linking, put the referenced libraries after the object files (PR237). Nix (???) Yes?   No. aph IcedTea Bug 237  
lucene-crash Test for lucene bad code generation mjw Yes   OK (Sun) mjw #6707044 Fixed in hs14, testcase not added.
memory-limits Increase max PermGen and Heap sizes aph     OK (RH)      
network-unreachable Check for ENETUNREACH and EHOSTUNREACH early on when doing a Socket.connect(). omajid Yes   OK omajid OpenJDK bug 100039  
nio2 Add build support for NIO2 (source in overlays) gnu_andrew No (in OpenJDK7) Yes (for optional NIO2 extension) OK (RH)      
nomotif-6706121 Unknown JDK7 No No? N/A N/A Sun bug 6706121 In JDK7
nomotif-mtoolkit Remove checks for MToolkit ahughes         PR 373  
nomotif Unknown doko No No? OK      
no-static-linking Do not statically link libstdc++ or libgcc ahughes         PR 99, PR 616  
no-test_gamma Skip running test-gamma when building hotspot ahughes     OK (RH)   Gentoo 244901  
notice-safepoints Change implementation of hotspot's {notice,ignore}_safepoints for thumb2 jit Edward Nevill            
nss-config adds nss configuration if nss is enabled              
nss-not-enabled-config nss configuration if nss is not enabled              
numa_on_early_glibc Fallback to making a syscall if sched_getcpu exists but the glibc used is too old to support it ahughes     OK (RH)      
override-redirect-metacity Produces the "expected" behavior for full screen applications or other situations where developers wish to present elements that would cover things like panels mjw     OK (RH)   Sun Bug, Gnome Bug, Some discussion  
parisc-opt Workaround for ICE on gcc 4.1 and 4.3 on parisc (zero) gnu_andrew, doko Yes?   OK      
parisc Fix sanity check for parisc doko     OK      
policy-evaluation Fix policy evaluation of jar urls to match the proprietary JDK dbhole     OK (RH)   OpenJDK Bug100142, Discussion, S7044443: Permissions resolved incorrectly for jar protocol  
pr261 Unknown gbenson, gnu_andrew No Yes OK (RH) gbenson   Affects ecj build only
pr586-include_all_srcs Include all sources in gnu_andrew     OK (RH)      
pr600-arm-jvm-config/TD>   gnu_andrew, xerxes     OK   Icedtea Bug 600  
pr639-broken_shark_build Add missing paths and LLVM flags for Shark gnu_andrew     OK (RH)     In OpenJDK7
print-lsb-release Use information from Debian LSB file for crash reports. doko No   OK      
pulse-soundproperties Make the ALSA based mixer the default when building with the pulseaudio based mixer omajid ?   OK (RH)   Depends on pulse-java N/A
rendering-engine-tests Adds tests for rending engine dlila, ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
revert-6885123 Fix the behaviour of JavaFileManager to stay compatible with previous releases of IcedTea6 ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
rh661505-jpeg Fix JPEGs decoder color space recognition problem dlila     OK (RH)      
rhino Add support for Javascript. mjw Yes   OK (RH) mjw   Needs fix for bug #179
s390-noinline Add special flags for javac on s390 to work around a VM problem with bad code generation during inlining. doko Yes   OK    
samejvm-safe Add samejvmsafe dirs to TEST.ROOT. mjw Yes     mjw jtreg-use  
sh4-support add support for sh4 arch (zero) doko, gnu_andrew     OK      
sparc64-linux Fixes needed to build the SPARC port on 32-bit SPARC as used by Fedora. Tom Callaway,Dennis Gilmore     Tom Callaway: OK (RH), Dennis Gilmore: ?      
sparc Add support for GNU/Linux on SPARC. doko ?   OK doko    
sparc-ptracefix Avoid importing asm-sparc/ptrace.h by including pt_regs directly. Tom Callaway,Dennis Gilmore     Tom Callaway: OK (RH), Dennis Gilmore: ?      
sparc-trapsfix Include traps.h from correct directory. Tom Callaway,Dennis Gilmore     Tom Callaway: OK (RH), Dennis Gilmore: ?      
stdc-limit-macros   mjw     OK     In OpenJDK7
systemtap Allow DTrace probes to be used with Systemtap, disable some that won't build with gcc mjw ? Yes, for systemtap probe support OK (RH) mjw   Needs workarounds for c-preprocessor issues with gcc in nmethod.cpp and jni.cpp, see comments in patch.
systemtap-alloc-size-workaround  Workaround for RH613824 mjw     OK (RH)      
systemtap-gcc-4.5 Fix build problem with systemtap and gcc 4.5 gnu_andrew     OK (RH)      
testenv Provide public reachable machines for net/nio tests. mjw Yes   OK (RH)   jdk6-dev, #100066 Discussed and pushed to bugzilla
uname Handle output of uname on arm and mips{,el} using output of dpkg-architecture doko ?   OK    
update-bootclaspath Add plugin/netx/rhino jars to bootclasspath gnu_andrew     OK (RH)   Discussion  
use-idx_t Unknown   ?     aph    
use-system-tzdata Use timezone data from the system . Keith Seitz Yes   OK (RH) iivan / gnu_andrew (PR70/S6593486) webrev posted
version Replace name and bug URL with IcedTea versions. langel No Yes OK (RH)      
version-hotspot Add icedtea-specific changes to hotspot's output gnu_andrew, doko, langel     OK      
xjc A comment in the patch indicates it is required for TCK. This is intentional in jaxp. The proprietary JDK uses the same JAXP. fitzsim, aph, gnu_andrew Yes   OK (RH) aph Need to check if this patch does anything  


These patches fix bug in jtreg tests

jtreg-6592792 Fix jtreg test for bug 6592792 so that it compiles. omajid Yes   OK omajid OpenJDK Bug 100023  
jtreg-6929067-fix Fix hotspot/test/runtime/6929067/ to work on archs other than i386 ptisnovs, gnu_andrew     OK (RH)      
jtreg-dnd Fix classpath issues in java/awt/dnd/FileListBetweenJVMsTest.
omajid Yes   OK (RH) omajid OpenJDK Bug 100034  
jtreg-double-tostring Add additional tests for Double.toString ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-hotspot-bug-6196102 Almost the same test was pushed to OpenJDK7 into different directory and under different name: ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-httpTest Unknown ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-international-fonts Checks if required international fonts are installed ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-international-fonts-sytles Unknown ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-jrunscript Fix jrunscript test so it works with newer versions of rhino (by comparing the actual numbers). omajid Yes   OK (RH) omajid OpenJDK Bug 100056  
jtreg-LastErrorString LastErrorString must not rewrite system files ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-OpenGLContextInit Checks if opengl context is properly initialized ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-png-reader Tests for PNG reading ptisnovs, others?            
jtreg-remove-test-6987555 Remove JSR292-related tests ptisnovs            
jtreg-remove-test-6991596 Remove JSR292-related tests ptisnovs            
jtreg-T6638712 fixed test is not part of OpenJDK6, was added to IcedTea6 by 6638712-wildcard_types.patch ptisnovs     OK (RH)      
jtreg-T6650759m-fix fixed test is not part of OpenJDK6, was added to IcedTea6 by 6650759-missing_inference.patch ptisnovs     OK (RH)      


The ecj subdirectory contains a number of patches that are applied to openjdk to bootstrap it using ecj

endorsed-dir-for-jvmti Use endorsed mechanism for XML classes when building jvmti generated files ahughes, langel No Yes OK (RH)      
icedtea-ant Remove use of $(ANT_HOME). fitzsim, langel, jsumali No Yes OK (RH) langel   Fixed in jdk6 branch

Don't generate CORBA sources using MC/idlj,
link against -lgcj instead of -ljava,
force use of boot tools,
don't run HotSpot's test_gamma,
use javac executable with Ant,
remove -Werror from javac call,
don't build JDK demos,
don't run sun.awt.X11.ToBin,
explicitly pull in timezone data and rt.jar in javac calls,
replace hexadecimal floating point literals with decimal variants in
java.lang.Double and java.lang.Float.

ecj build only

langel, fitzsim, tbento, fkung No Yes OK (RH)      

Disables -J options to jar when unsupported (JAR_KNOWS_J_OPTIONS)
ecj build only

gnu_andrew No Yes (necessary to build with e.g. fastjar) OK (RH)      

Makes jdk/make/tools/src/build/tools/spp/ not use java.util.Scanner
ecj build only

gnu_andrew No Yes (but add a configure test, should only be needed for gcj < 4.4 and Classpath < 0.98) OK (RH)      
override.patch Remove @Override usage on interfaces so code compiles with ecj gnu_andrew No Yes Yes (RH) gnu_andrew


The hotspot subdirectory contains a number of patches that are applied to HotSpot.
These patches are in separate subdirectories because they are applied to different versions of HotSpot.

Name Purpose Authors Push? Keep? SCA? AssigneeDiscussionStatus
7032388-work_without_cmov_instruction Backport JDK7 No Yes Yes gnu_andrew In OpenJDK7
arm thumb2 jit Edward Nevill No        
gcc-suffix Append $(GCC_SUFFIX) to end of 'gcc' binary name. doko No         
ia64-fix Ignore a IA64 gcc bug gbenson No Yes OK (RH)     In OpenJDK7
no-precompiled-headers Don't use precompiled header files in hotspot. Only required for hs19 doko No   OK     In OpenJDK7
params-cast-size_t Unknown   ?     gbenson   
icedtea-sparc-buildfixes Unknown spot?       spot?   
text-relocations Use correct -fPIC/-fpic flag on all platforms. gbenson, doko     OK (RH, doko) gbenson   
too-many-args Avoid too many arguments on the command line. Only needed for hs19. hs20 has this upstream. doko No Yes OK   In OpenJDK7


The cacao subdirectory contains a number of patches that are applied when building with cacao.

ignore-jdi-tests Unknown doko No   OK      
ignore-tests Unknown doko No   OK      
launcher For the 'java' command, create new thread depending on the current VM. twisti No   OK (Sun)      


The jamvm subdirectory contains a number of patches that are applied when building jamvm.


The hotspot subdirectory contains a number of patches that are applied to OpenJDK. These are backports. They are all already upstream!


The security subdirectory contains a security patches for openjdk. These should all be upstream.

Made obsolete by OpenJDK6 b17

Name Purpose Authors Push? Keep? SCA? AssigneeDiscussionStatus
icedtea-6700047-loopopts Fix partial peeling issue, bug #6700047. JDK7 Yes Only for hs11 N/A N/A Backport for Zero/Shark on hs11, Sun bug 6700047, in hs14b03 In 7 and IcedTea6 with hs14 backport
icedtea-6712835-ifnode Fix infinite loop in PhaseIterGVN::transform. JDK7 Yes Only for hs11 N/A N/A Backport for Zero/Shark on hs11, Sun bug 6712835, in hs14b03 In 7 and Icedtea6 with hs14 backport
icedtea-6728542-epoll Make EPoll work on non-x86 platforms. (PR265) JDK7 Yes, backport Yes OK (Sun) gbenson Sun bug 6728542, in JDK7 b36 In 7
icedtea-signed-types-hot6 Make use of unsigned/signed types explicit. gbenson ?   OK (RH) gbenson hotspot-dev  
icedtea-graphics Fix word wrap in JTextArea fkung Yes Yes OK (RH) iivan / lillian (PR57/S6593649/100073) In JDK6 and JDK7 b70
icedtea-debuginfo Add -g option to build to generate debugging information. aph yes   OK (RH) aph 001757.html In OpenJDK7 b60 & OpenJDK6 b17 (DEBUG_BINARIES)
icedtea-javac-debuginfo Ensure debugging information is generated for all class files. gnu_andrew yes   OK (RH) aph 001757.html In OpenJDK7 b60 (DEBUG_CLASSFILES=true)
hotspot/icedtea-debuginfo HotSpot fragment of the patch in patches/.         aph   In OpenJDK7 b60 (DEBUG_CLASSFILES=true)
icedtea-simpletimezone-relax.patch Fix for PR377, Jordan end of day rule in Asia/Amman TimeZone. SimpleTimeZone checks too strict. mjw         IcedTea PR377, i18n-dev discussion, Sun bug #6851214 Testcase in overlays/openjdk/jdk/test/java/util/SimpleTimeZone/ Apparently a similar fix was independently found by Sun, but not submitted to OpenJDK yet. See the i18n-dev discussion.
icedtea-float-double-trailing-zeros Remove trailing zeros from Double/Float keith seitz Yes   OK (RH) aph (PR29/30) Sun bug 4428022 Committed upstream
icedtea-lcms-2 Temporary fix for aph No Yes OK (RH) aph OpenJDK Bug 100050 Approved, pushed.
icedtea-override-redirect-metacity Enable override redirect for Metacity window manager. Fixes interactive TCK failures with windows and popups, allows full screen capabilities. mjw No Yes OK (RH) mjw awt-dev and more recently distro-pkg-dev Fix from Sun for related overrideredirect issue is in OpenJDK6 and OpenJDK7. The Metacity issue has been marked as not a bug in the JDK, but one in Metacity: see S6514512. Metacity has left bug open for a few years now, but is not hurrying to fix it (current metacity behavior does meet spec, even if it is not what most would expect) so for the forseeable future it must remain in IcedTea.
icedtea-no-bcopy Don't define local copies of bcopy, bzero and bcmp from BSD. doko No No N/A gnu_andrew Obsoleted by this cumulative patch to OpenJDK created separately by Sun Awaiting approval
icedtea-toolkit Apply proper unlock in XToolkit langel Yes Yes OK (RH) langel 100075, S6721086 In JDK7 b64
icedtea-alsa-default-device Fix problems with using the ALSA 'default' device. omajid Yes   OK (RH) omajid OpenJDK Bug 100043 Committed to OpenJDK6 In 6
icedtea-format-warnings Fix build failures with -Wformat=1. doko No No N/A gnu_andrew Obsoleted by this cumulative patch to OpenJDK created separately by Sun Awaiting approval
icedtea-fortify-source Fix build failures with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2. doko No   OK      
icedtea-jtreg-colortest Remove call to System.exit() that was causing SystemBgColorTest to fail. omajid Yes   OK omajid OpenJDK Bug 100033 In 7 In 6 In 6 and 7
icedtea-jtreg-printjob-edgetest-manual Mark test that requires user interaction as manual. omajid No Yes OK (RH) omajid Fixed in OpenJDK6 independently by Sun  
icedtea-jtreg-printjob-multiple-end Fix test to not require any user interaction. omajid No Yes OK (RH) omajid Fixed in OpenJDK6 independently by Sun  
icedtea-messageutils Fixes JVM crashes when calling on sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStderr(null) and sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStdout(null) . It now prompts the string "null" to the console. mschoene Yes Yes OK (RH) langel 100074, S6852607 In JDK7 b64, In JDK6 b17
hotspot/icedtea-format Fix use of printf format specifiers. gnu_andrew No No N/A gnu_andrew Obsoleted by this cumulative patch to OpenJDK created separately by Sun Awaiting approval
hotspot/icedtea-gcc-4.3 Fix code to compile with GCC 4.3 and turn off -Werror. ? No No N/A gnu_andrew Obsoleted by this cumulative patch to OpenJDK created separately by Sun Awaiting approval

Made obsolete by OpenJDK6 b18

Name Purpose Authors Push? Keep? SCA? AssigneeDiscussionStatus
icedtea-timezone Makes java only look for time zone information in /etc/sysconfig/clock if /etc/localtime is not found iivan Yes   OK (RH) iivan rh-489586, S489586, S6456628 Sun fix in OpenJDK7 b72 / OpenJDK6 b18 removes use of /etc/sysconfig/clock
icedtea-jdk-docs-target Always build docs if requested, regardless of whether JDK_UPDATE_VERSION is set. doko (original), gnu_andrew (revised) Yes Yes OK gnu_andrew build-dev, S6914986 In OpenJDK6 and build
icedtea-jtreg-hatrun Fix jhat test by passing the classpath to the new jvm in omajid Yes   OK (RH) omajid OpenJDK Bug 100026, S6902325, S6909442 Sun fix pushed to OpenJDK6 and OpenJDK7, updated with comments from our fix
icedtea-signed-types Make use of unsigned/signed types explicit gbenson ?   OK (RH) gbenson Not required with HS14.  
icedtea-xml-encodinginfo Fix possible StackOverflowError in EncodingInfo (PR295). omajid Yes   OK (RH) omajid OpenJDK Bug 100017  

Made obsolete by OpenJDK6 b19

Name Purpose Authors Push? Keep? SCA? AssigneeDiscussionStatus
icedtea-6761856-freetypescaler Fix IcedTea bug #227, OpenJDK bug JDK7 Yes, backport No OK (Sun) mjw Sun bug 6761856, in JDK7 b43 In 6 and 7
icedtea-fonts Add Fedora fontconfig. langel Yes Yes OK (RH) gnu_andrew Posted to awt-dev In 6 and 7
zero/6890308.patch Main HotSpot zero patch. Obsoletes signature-iterator, static-libstdc++,zero and HotSpot chunks of zero-build and core-build. gbenson Yes Yes Yes (RH) gbenson S6890308 In OpenJDK7 b75
zero/6891677.patch Main JDK zero patch. Obsoletes core-build, linker-options and zero-build. gbenson Yes Yes Yes (RH) gbenson S6891677 In OpenJDK7 b76 (root, corba and jdk
zero/6896043.patch Amalgamation of cc-interp-backedge (Remove some duplicated code in DO_BACKEDGE_CHECKS), cc-interp-jvmti (Disable some JVMTI capabilities which are unsupported or do not work with the C++ interpreter), ia64-bugfix (Remove workaround for IA64 GCC bug), s390-serialize (Correctly detect serialization segfaults on s390) and test-atomic-operations (Add check to see if GCC's sync_lock_test works). gbenson Yes No OK (RH) gbenson S6896043 In OpenJDK7 HotSpot repository and promoted in b79
openjdk/bidi-tests Move Bidi test programs from closed to open Sun Yes Yes   dbhole    
zero/6903453.patch Amalgamation of ia64-fdlibm (Fix name of ia64 architecture from _M_IA64 to ia64) and general part of uname (handle arm and ia64). gbenson, Yi Zhan Yes   OK (RH) gbenson S6903453 In OpenJDK7 b77 (corba, jdk)
zero/6909153.patch Fix broken options on Zero gbenson Yes   OK (RH) gbenson S6909153 In hotspot-comp and promoted in b80
zero/6913869.patch Zero signedness fix gbenson Yes   OK (RH) gbenson S6913869 In hotspot-comp and promoted in b80
zero/6914622.patch Print values of all flags for product VM gbenson Yes   OK (RH) gbenson S6914622 In hotspot-comp and promoted in b80
zero/6939845.patch Add fallback for use of 'fast' bytecodes ed Yes   OK (RH) gbenson S6939845 In hotspot-comp
hotspot/original/icedtea-6791168 Fix build failure with GCC-4.4 (PR 38725) and compiler warnings.   No Yes     S6791168 In hs15b01
icedtea-f2i-overflow Replaces the code used by [fd]2[il] bytecodes to correctly handle overflows. gbenson Yes No OK (RH) gbenson PR244, 6778657 In hs15b01
hotspot/original/icedtea-includedb Add missing include files. ?       dbhole S6793825 In hs15b01

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