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OpenJDK MIPSPort is a project aiming to implement an efficient Java VM on Loongson CPU, which is a family of general-purpose MIPS-compatible CPU. This project is based on OpenJDK6_b18, and developed by Lemote company firstly and by Loongson Co. Ltd now. By now, both the interpreter, a Template Interpreter, and the C1 compiler have been implemented. The development of C2 is still in progress.

1 Quick start & Building

First obtain source code from the Mercurial repositories.

hg clone http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/openjdk6-mips/ 
cd openjdk6-mips

To build:

source env.sh

To build a debug version:

export DEBUG_NAME=debug

Once the entire build is completed, components can be built separately. For example, if files in hotspot are changed, only the hotspot component need be re-built, by setting environment variable BUILD_HOTSPOT true, and setting the other BUILD_<component> false.

More information is also available in README and here.

2 Contributing to MIPS Port

The current focus is on pushing the MIPS Port upstream where possible. Any kinds of contributions are welcomed, such as, test, bug submitting, bug fixing and so on.

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