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No software can be 100% bug-free. We use a bug tracker to record bugs so they dont get forgotten. But the bug tracker also contains tasks that we are working on (stuff we see as defects or things we can improve).


1 Bugs

If you discover a bug, a glitch or believe something isn't working as it should be, you can file a bug in our bugzilla. Please try and describe the issue in as much detail as possible. Something like "Charts are bad" is not very helpful, but "Chart colours are not distinct enough" is. Please make sure the bug is filed against the "Thermostat" product since other projects share the bug tracker.

2 Tasks

Thermostat follows a two-week iteration schedule: we try to implement and complete tasks in two week periods. We use bugzilla to keep a record of tasks that should be done in the following weeks.

There is a tracker bug associated with each iteration. This bug should have a name of the form "Iteration ## Tracker", where ## is the iteration number (example: Iteration 10 Tracker). This bug should have as its dependencies all bugs that we aim to fix in the iteration. Please fill in the deadline field to indicate when the iteration is ending.

Individual tasks are also filed as bugs to help us keep track of the major tasks that have been completed. It is a good idea to refer to the bug id (using the notation "PR####", where #### is the bug id) in the commit message.

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