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Web-Client Manual Testing

  • "Remember User"

Visit web-client and log in, checking the "Remember Username" box. Then, use the User Menu in the top right to Log Out. The username should still be filled in on the form. Close the tab and revisit web-client. The username should still be filled in on the form.

  • About state "Logged In User"

Visit web-client and click the "?" icon in the top right, then select About. There should be no indication of the currently logged in user. Go back to the login page and log in, then re-select the About menu. There should now be a heading indicating the logged in user. Select Log Out from the top right User Menu and check the About menu again. The heading should no longer be present.

  • Basic features smoketesting

Log in, visiting Landing page. Continue to Multicharts view. Create a chart named "foo", then rename the chart to "host". Create a chart named "throwaway" and delete it. Attempt to create a chart named "*", which should fail. Go back to the Landing page and visit JVM Listing. Select a Host Information and verify that host information, network information, CPU and Memory Usage are all displayed correctly. Add the CPU and Memory usage metrics to the "host" multichart, then visit Multicharts and verify that the multichart is correctly updated with the metrics. Go back to JVM Listing and select a JVM. Verify that the JVM info table is correct, then verify that each JVM metric subview correctly loads and displays data. The subview selector should also correctly reflect the currently displayed subview. Log out.

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