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1 Thermostat Roadmap

1.1 Thermostat 2.0 Release

  • Data model refactoring
  • Multiple overlayed graphs/Visualization framework
  • Automated issue analysis and notification
  • PCP integration
  • Byteman integration

2 Major Changes in Released Versions

2.1 Thermostat 1.6 Release

  • Stack trace profiler to highlight hotspots in the stack frame
  • Statistics on compiler and compiled classes
  • Vm-specific NUMA information for NUMA-enabled systems
  • Information on input and output done by jvms
  • A new thermostat local command allows you to quickly run everything - storage, agent, and gui - locally at once without doing any other setup or running any other commands.
  • Metaspace information from OpenJDK 8 is now recorded and displayed
  • Tree map for profiler results
  • New thermostat find-vm command for CLI and shell to find vms with extensive search criteria

2.2 Thermostat 1.4 Release

  • Many CLI improvements including added commands which were available in gui only
  • Tab completions for "thermostat shell" and CLI commands.
  • Treemap visualization of Java heap dumps.
  • Enhancements in visualizing profiling data.
  • New GUI based setup for new installations.
  • Command channel server component in separate unprivileged process.

2.3 Thermostat 1.2 Release

  • Web storage as new default
  • Instrumenting profiler support
  • Performance improvements
  • Thread monitor improvements
  • Improved multiple user's JVM monitoring support
  • Hosts/JVM notes plugin
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