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VisualVM is a lightweight profiler and troubleshooting tool that runs on the NetBeans platform7 and profiler2 (visualvm_preview2). Before VisualVM is built, NetBeans platform7 and profiler2 are built from source. The resulting binary is installed as $(JDK_DIR)/bin/jvisualvm

1 Building VisualVM

Build as follows:

./configure --enable-visualvm

Note that the above will build IcedTea, then drop VisualVM into the built JDK. If you are interested in only building VisualVM, and not the JDK, then you can do:

./configure --enable-visualvm
make visualvm

This will build VisualVM, but it will not be usable until it is dropped into a JDK style directory. Also note that a bootstrap JDK is required to build VisualVM; if --with-openjdk is not passed to ./configure, then IcedTea-ecj will be built first to build VisualVM. Otherwise, using --with-openjdk will use the system OpenJDK to build VisualVM.

2 VisualVM Options

The following are some useful options to pass to ./configure for building VisualVM:

  • --with-visualvm-src-zip=<>
  • --with-netbeans-platform-src-zip=<>
  • --with-netbeans-profiler-src-zip=<>
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